“An image gives you moments but videos give you memories”. The video sets motion to the pictures. It shows the events of the day as they happened and how they happened. Our Video Editing Services are designed to carefully edit your videos to give you that euphoria and nostalgia while watching them.

Wedding Video Editing Service

A wedding is full of events, people, and beautiful chaos. Wedding Videographer has to record the entire day but at the end have to show only the important moments and events. This service is designed in such a way that, it takes hours long for RAW footage and condenses it into a few minutes of surreal, cheerfulness, and important scenes. With music overlay, our edits are bound to invoke a feeling of happiness and satisfaction in viewers.

Wedding Video Editing Services- YourEditingTeam
Documentary - YourEditingTeam

Documentary (starting at $35 per hour of RAW footage)

French for “Truthful Cinema” is a style of film-making characterized by realistic, typically documentary films that avoid artificiality and artistic effect. This style of editing shows the events of the day as they occurred in chronological sequence. Well suited for photographers & videographers, who like to depict the weddings in their simplest and raw form with all the traditions and rituals. The end footage ranges anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour depending on your requirements.

Cinematic (starting at $45 per hour of RAW footage)

This style of editing consists of showing only the important scenes such as ring exchange, first look, after party with cool transitions and background music. Developed for short but full of impact wedding videos, this style is more suited for those who wish to have a cinematic and more trendy wedding video.

YourEditingTeam: Cinematic Video Stock Footage Editing
Real Estate Video Editing - YourEditingTeam

Real Estate Video Editing (starting at $10 per hour)

Do you want to have a video tour of your house? Do you want to have a walkthrough of your estate for attracting potential buyers? Then this service is just the one for you. We create video tours, walkthroughs of homes, restaurants, office space, etc. Another unique aspect of this service is 360°  videos for Panoramas.

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