Flow Retouching

Flow Retouching

Pop-Pop! Flow Retouching Never Stops!

Flow Retouching

  • Starts at $0.50 per image

Flow Production is a term that originated in Lean manufacturing. Flow Retouching is influenced most heavily by the concept of one-piece flow.” The principle is simply to reduce work in progress by moving a piece along immediately until it’s done, instead of batching.

Flow Retouching is ideal for any retailer or studio that is on tight deadlines or is processing high volumes of images and products. Flow Retouching is not restricted to specific levels of retouching. We are able to process your images to your exact brand specifications and deliver them back in as little as 60 Minutes. Depending on your work specifications time may vary at times as well.

Flow Retouching Works like, Shoot a product. Upload that product’s photos to YourEditingTeam. Repeat.

While you’re shooting, we’re retouching and quite possibly you’ll have retouched photos back while you’re shooting your next product.

These services include but are not limited to:-

  • Color correction
  • Removal of dirt and scratches
  • Background Extension

Upload via different available methods or the web. What matters is that you’re uploading continuously, instead of delaying the batch.

Flow Retouching requires consistent, fast, and reliable retouching results. YourEditingTeam has built a retouching smart factory with specialist editors, Artificial Intelligence, and automated processes for elevated quality at a near-infinite scale.

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