Safety & Security

Safety & Security

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1. What are your terms and condition?

You can refer to the below link.

Terms & Conditions

2. How does YET protect my personal data and files?

We understand your security concerns about precious data. All our in-house team has signed a non-disclosure agreement(NDA) where they commit themselves to not taking nor disclosing order images out of the workplace. They haven’t been permitted to use the customer’s image for any other purposes.

Our entire system, network & server are firewall-protected for inbound and outbound security. We use the latest antivirus protection for every computer. For more details, read our privacy policy carefully.

3. How does YET save my preferences and editing style?

We create a workflow for every client. This needs to be done only once using settings and/or reference images. Our editors use the workflow for all your orders. We only change it when the client requests something from his/her side.

4. What are your Privacy policy?

You can read about our privacy policy through the below link.

Privacy Policy

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