Why color correction and color grading are important in picture editing?

Color correction and color grading are processes that occur during post production. One makes the picture look more natural, and the other stylizes the picture.

Color correction helps by smoothing out the color from shot to shot and giving the picture or video a more contiguous feel, allowing the viewer to focus on the story whereas color grading is a vital step in the process of achieving everything to make both technical and creative changes you could want to do with your pictures. Colorists use color grading for artistic purposes to ensure that the pictures carefully curated color palette conveys a specific atmosphere, style, or emotion.


What is the Difference Between Color Correction and Color Grading?

Color correction refers to the process where each picture is altered to match a consistent standard of appearance. Color correction is the act of adjusting the colors, making the whites appear white, the blacks appear black, the photo’s exposure, white balance, and contrast, and making sure that everything is even. The goal is to match the picture to a standard that would be an accurate portrayal of how the human eye would view it. Color correction software helps return the image to an accurate depiction of what the photographer/videographer could see. 

Color correction is the first thing a colorist needs to look at before moving forward to color grading. Color correction focuses on small fixes, grading is mainly used to bring an artistic vision to life. 

An example of this is when you’re shooting outside for the day. During the day, the quality of the sun is going to change, and certain shots of your video will not match up. That’s why a color correction is important, as it will make your picture look like it was all shot at the same time. Photos taken outdoors will not consistently look the same.


Time flies, and so does the natural lighting.

If your photo sessions last for hours or the brightness does not look quite right, then fix it using color correction, the results will be significantly better. Your photos will look more natural to the human eye while becoming more consistent. But color correction certainly does make your picture and videos prettier than ever!

Color correction is corrective. The aim is to achieve a naturalistic appearance to the footage (i.e. make it look how it did in real life).

Now, color grading is the next step, and this is where you can begin to create the aesthetic of your pictures. But it’s important to note that this is an entirely optional process, especially if the picture is meant to be as realistic as possible. Color correction can in some ways be considered a part of the color grading process because it’s necessary to provide you with a ‘base’ to begin from when grading.

Color grading, at its simplest, is the process you use to change the visual appearance of a still photo or moving image like a video to achieve a stylistic look. This can be anything from the color itself to its saturation, contrast, detail, and hue, or the black and white balance. It combines technical and creative skills and is important in achieving both tone and clarity in a film. 

However, the right color grading will always help convey a visual tone or mood to heighten the narrative. Color grading is more about editing the visual for stylistic purposes to give the final shot or image a particular feel and mood. 

Color grading is creative. The aim is to achieve a ‘look’ or ‘feel’ that reflects the tone of your film or uses color t

What are lightroom color correction services?

Color correction is the process of fixing problems in an image by adjusting the colors. For example, image problems are color casts or a wrong white balance. You can correct these colors using editing software like Lightroom or Photoshop. lightroom photo editing has a remedying technique for correcting color not just across the entire image but also for correcting individual colors. 

Why color correction is important?

Color correction is about getting to a well-balanced image using the Basic Panel in Lightroom. Adding textures, HSL, dodging and burning, filters, etc. – that is your final polished image and style. We have a plethora of ways and services to get you there.

To color correct an image, you need to use one of the Color Curves. There is a third way to edit a curve: using the Targeted Adjustment option. Select it and click and drag on the point of your image you want to brighten or darken. Lightroom will select the tones to change and adjust the curve. 

Every customer request is always satisfied in color correcting service to make a picture in which a client seems stunning. The YET team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that your task is completed successfully. If a photographer wishes to improve a shot or adjust the color of an image, YET can help with that with our skilled editors. The Color Correction function corrects any noticeable picture flaws in the image.

 Color Correction Services are used in the following areas:

 Work on Saturation

  • Adjustment of shadows and tints
  • Balancing clarity and sharpness
  • Correction of exposure and contrast
  • Increasing the temperature and vibrancy settings
  • Highlights

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Who needs photoshop color correction services? 

 Color Correction Services in Photoshop or Lightroom is basically for the eCommerce market, product images are crucial. The photography falls short of achieving the same degree of color fidelity as actual editing. As a result, color balancing or color correction is required. Most professional photographers are overworked and have little time for editing, retouching, or color correction after the fact. These services are highly demanding among firms by online and offline publishers, marketers, entrepreneurs, designers, and others involved in photo presentations. 

  • Photographers are the ones who need the most photo editing services.
  • Publishers, designers, and news editors are in a distant second place.
  • This service is favored ordered by e-commerce websites and marketers.
  • People who are involved in image-based activities.

Our Photo color correction services are useful for many domains, including –

Commercial Photographs 

Many professional photographers and media companies rely on us to produce gorgeous photos and photographs with colors that can be reproduced precisely. Photographs may be required for publications, websites, newspapers, marketing materials, picture printing, product packaging, and other purposes. We consider the creative needs and edit images based on where they will be utilized in the end.

Fashion Photographs

Fashion photography must be colorful and eye-catching. To make such images stand out from the crowd, our Photoshop specialists employ varieties of techniques and expertise. We operate according to the creative director’s requirements and do color correction exactly. If necessary, we may additionally change/recolor sections of the photographs.

Retail Photographs 

Product photos that are consistent, clear, and believable are mandated by all online sellers to assist buyers in picking the correct items. We have a more convenient flow retouching service to repair and enhance hundreds of retail images every day.

Travel Photographs 

Tourism is one of the world’s largest businesses, and picture editing services to make trip images shimmer are in high demand. We can transform boring nature shots or cityscapes into magnificent images that will captivate the viewer. Green color correction, haze and shadow removal, tone and color modifications, and so on may enhance the excitement of vacation images. 


Color correction for portraits is comparable to fine art. Any adjustments made must be done artistically to maintain the person’s appearance without seeming too edited and artificial. Our professionals have the experience and vision required to keep that delicate balance in place. 

Colorizing Black and White or Old Photos Restoration

Old photographs lose color, fade, or become black and white. We may recolor old images attractively and naturally to bring back memories. Our professionals’ colorized photos may be utilized for printing, publishing, or digitally with ease.

Why is color correction so expensive in the United State? 

A professional image corrector in the USA may charge a variable amount depending on the number of hours, photographs, or projects, among other things.

Let’s look through the three most common price methods used by image editing specialists to get a notion of usual pricing.

Hourly Rates: The hourly wage goes from $85 to $120 per hour on average. An hour of editing one or more photographs is typical, thus you can expect the following approximate rates:

  • Basic Level – Prices range from $50 to $85 per hour for minimal skin retouching for a wedding, event, or photograph. 
  • Advanced Level – More comprehensive editing for each photo will cost between $15 and $25 per piece, without including dramatic image compositing or restorations.
  • Extensive Level – If you want to edit images from a big occasion, such as a wedding or corporate function, it may cost you between $30 and $50 for each shot. 

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Cost Per Project: For bulk images per project, most professional photographers offer fixed pricing. Because product, fashion, and wedding photographers deal with a large number of images, this price model is common.

 Clients anticipate that professional photographers will include editing and retouching in their pricing bids. Here’s an idea of how much retouchers charge each project:

  • Basic Level — Depending on how many photographs you need to enhance, basic bulk retouching might cost between $80 and $100.
  • Advanced Level — Depending on the intricacy, advanced retouching for fashion, beauty, product, or wedding images costs between $100 and $200.
  • Extensive Level — Retouching high-end wedding, product, beauty, and event images costs between $150 and $250, depending on the number of photos that need to be retouched. 

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YET reasonable Color Correction pricing plan: 

Photo Culling Service

  •     Starts at $0.03 per image submitted
  •     48 business hours for up to 3000 images
  •     72 business hours for above 3000 images 

Premier Edits

  •     Starts at $0.10 per image
  •     48 business hours for up to 1000 images
  •     4 business days turnaround for above 1000 images

Culling & Premier Edits

  •     Starts at $0.07 per image submitted
  •     48 business hours for up to 1000 images
  •     4 business days turnaround for above 1000 images

Portrait Edits

  •     Starts at $0.08 per image
  •     24 business hours for up to 1000 images
  •     72 business hours for above 1000 images

Express Edits

  •     Starts at $0.15 per image
  •     24 business hours for up to 500 images

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